3 Bicep Training Tips you were NEVER TAUGHT by @trainwithcarsen _ When we think Bicep - we think elbow flexion, simply just curling the dumbbell up and shortening the angle at our elbow joint. ✅BUT we must not forget that the Bicep also aids in wrist supination❗️In English that essentially means turning your palms up to the ceiling. SO - when you are curling, don’t just think about curling UP...think about curling UP & OUT. That is how you will maximally contract your Bicep! _ Squeeze your Tricep at the bottom of your Bicep Curl❗️Sounds strange, right? Well, we know that when a muscle is contracted, the opposing (antagonist) muscle must be lengthened (stretched), SO - by squeezing your Tricep at the bottom of your Bicep Curl, you are fully lengthening your Bicep, which allows for the greatest possible range of motion. Greater range of motion = greater muscle tissue breakdown = more muscle gained! _ The Bicep is comprised of 2-heads (hence “bi”), the long head and the short head. Most of the time I see guys training biceps, they often forget about the long head. ✅The long head is targeted when the Bicep is worked in a lengthened position (stretched). For instance - incline curls do a great job of working the long head. The Bicep head is put under load in a lengthened position. If you’re not doing incline dumbbell curls, you’re leaving gains on the table! _ Let me know what other muscle groups you want me to cover on “Tips you were never taught”! - - #fitnesstips #gymtips #weightlifting #gym #fitness #gains #liftweights #healthylifestyle #workouttips #getinshape #buildmuscle